A series of ProcGen puzzles
  and other games which you
  can enjoy using good old
        pen and paper.
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    Print - Fold - Solve

    Created by @Jayenkai


  Many thanks to the users
      of SoCoder.net
  Dabz, Spinal, and Rychan
     for their wonderful
      help and guidance.


15 December 2018
Added Slitherlink.  It's a fairly standard puzzle game, but it's honestly not one I can manage to complete myself!  Still, they generate well enough, and the solutions aren't always exact, so there's a bit of variety involved in the outcome.
Draw one large looping line touching various points on the grid.  The numbers show how many of the sides of each box are filled with part of the loop.

14 December 2018
Added Multi Box, a grid of numbers and their products.  Simply decide which numbers don't belong in the grid and cross them out.
There should be 3 numbers in each row and column, along with their product.

The number of puzzles in the engine is now reaching a point where each of the categories can have it's own set of puzzles on the default sheet.
No longer does the default Maths sheet contain a few Word games, and Word sheets don't have random Logic puzzles in them.
There's still the occasional inclusion of the "Extra" games (Doodle and Find a Way) but there's now 8 word puzzles, 6 maths ones and 7 logic, more than enough to completely fill each day's sheet without the need to pluck from the other categories.
23 games in total!

12 December 2018
Added Find The King, which is another little Chess based puzzle.  The enemy have swarmed, and are doing really alarmingly well, and you're down to your last piece.
Your King is somewhere on the board, but where can he possibly be?

08 December 2018
Added Bracket Surgery, whereby you need to add two sets of brackets into the equation so that the result is correct.
This game relies on your understanding of BODMAS, so if you're not "into" your maths, it might not appear that the original equation is incorrect!
Rest assured, the maths have been checked, and the equation is wrong.

04 December 2018
Added Link Janitor, named after my AGameAWeek game of the same name.
Link up the lettered pairs without crossing paths.  I've not accounted for diagonals, so avoid those.  They might be do-able with diagonals, and may be easier or harder, but they're not part of the puzzle, so..  Avoid!!
The previous week's cleaning up of the structure meant that everything was a little easier to work with, today, although I did forget how to use some of my own functions.  Previously, I could quickly Page-Up to find a previous use of the function, but now the other puzzles are stored in separate files!
Other than that, I also now have to draw a new icon for the Unfolded version, as well as update all the game-lists to account for the new puzzle. It's taking longer and longer to simply add a new game!
But it's not broke yet, so I guess that's ok :D

28 November 2018
A fair amount of icon drawing, today, as I tried my best to come up with some kind of over-arching style for the many different game icons.
I'm not sure it's been that much of a success, if I'm honest, but at least I tried.

27 November 2018
I've spent a good couple of hours shuffling the script around a bit.
Probably should've used includes from the start of this project, but..  Too lazy to do that kinda thing!
The whole site is now split up into individual game scripts, so that the main script is a little more manageable in future.
I've also neatened up the style of the Cross Target game using a bit of grey, as well as taking the time to rewrite a lot of the site's Text functions to allow for more colour and size changes in future!
An awful lot of tweaking, this morning.
Additionally, I refurbished the main page a bit.  Need icons for Instructions and Play Online, but otherwise it's a better layout than it was.  I think!

26 November 2018
Added Cross Target
Spent ages trying to find the best way to represent a Scrabble-Style board using only black ink!  I should probably redo bits of it with grey, I think.. Hmm..
Anyway, it's a simple enough concept.  You have a rack of tiles, and a specific target to hit.  Try to score exactly that many points.

24 November 2018
A whole lot of tweaks to Unfolded, to make it all a little more stable.  Just minor background things, nothing too notable, but enough to keep things working!!
I've also rewritten the way the Alternating Maze is generated, and it now ends up taking about s full second to generate each puzzle.  Eeek!  Still, with the recent puzzle-cache functionality, that should be a little bit easier on the server.
The Alternating Maze mazes should now be a little more difficult to solve, with the paths hopefully being better than just a single straight line going down the page!

22 November 2018
Further tweaks to the Unfolded part of the site.  Things seem to be fairly functional now, and I took the time to jiggle the menu about a bit to make it more like the main page's layout.
I'll have to remember to keep both list of games the same, in the future, though, and will also need to keep the little icons updated, too.
*sigh* So much to keep track of.
This whole thing's started to get a little large!

21 November 2018
For the past week or so, I've been gradually putting together a "On your mobile's browser" edition of Foldapuz.
Although there are still a few tweaks to be made to get things "just right", the site now appears to be functional enough to be tested.
If you'd like to test it, head to Unfolded, where you can hopefully figure most things out.
On the top right are page selection, alongside a puzzle selection.
The rest of the tools should be self explanatory, although you may need to click around to figure everything out.
Expect plenty of tweaks in the days to come.

13 November 2018
Significant background tweaking.
I did a major rewrite of the layout code, today, and it broke EVERYTHING!!!  All "Yesterday's Solutions" are no longer valid for today, and all puzzles have been re-generated.
The reason is so that the layouts can be expanded to MANY more puzzle types.
Previously the Layout format was 8-characters, meaning you have up to 62 different puzzle types (A-Z, a-z, 0-9)
Although I'm not 100% sure I'll ever reach that limit, I figured it was probably a good idea to bump that number a little, since I'm already up to 18 games in the script.
The new format uses two characters per puzzle, so aA, aB, aC, through to z9, then Aa to Z9, and then 00 up to 99.
In all, that opens up the possibility of over 3,000 different puzzle types.   ... And the biggest puzzle will be trying to fill even 1% of that!!
But..  Yeah, space!! 
Since everything's already broken, I figured I might as well reset the random number generator and give it a bit of a tweak in the hope that it might be a little more random.   Time will tell, I suppose.
Hopefully everything works fine.  Let me know if you spot any bugs.

12 November 2018
Added Wordoku, which makes use of a pre-generated list of layouts. (From a self coded generator, created using BlitzMax)
2048 layouts are in the file, and on top of that you've got random words and then a random selection of missing tiles, so I think (!?) it should be plenty random for days/weeks/months to come.
But I'm also starting to get a little worried about whether the random number generator is doing a good enough job.
I might have to peek into that, to be sure, but it'll completely break "Yesterday's Solutions" for ... well, everything!!

11 November 2018
Added Alternating Maze.
Make a path from the marked Start and End points, where each step is on an alternate coloured tile.
A nice and simple game that makes secondary use out of the normal Find A Path code, but tweaks it just enough to be different, and quite a bit harder, too.

31 October 2018
Added Eight Queens to the mix.
It's an age old puzzle that's existed in newspapers for as long as I can remember, and was alarmingly simple to add into the mix.
I'd like to do another Chess based puzzle, but it's proving a teensy bit more complex to generate, and I honestly don't think it's all that difficult to solve once it has done!
A puzzle for another day.
The Chess Pieces are drawn using the font "Chess Alpha", which I found on this page.

23 October 2018
Added Don't Connect Four.
For the past few days, I've been trying to get a "Tic Tac Toe Tactics" game to work, (mostly because the name amused me!) but with only a 3x3 grid it seemed rather unfruitful and somewhat repetitive.
Instead, I bulked it up to a 6x6 grid, with a "Don't Connect Four" rule.
It seems to work ok, but I'm not sure how solveable the puzzles are.  Be sure to let me know if you have too much of a hard time with them.

14 October 2018
Yet another fix for "Crossed".  I'm really not sure why it occasionally outputs completely blank puzzles.
All very odd.
I think it's a memory/variable issue, as it seems to be happening most often when the puzzle takes too long to generate, and curiously empties itself as it does so!
Anyway, I've rewritten chunks of it, yet again, in the hopes that it'll finally fix the issue, but ... yet again, it's reset the "Yesterday's Solution" content, so apologies for that.

09 October 2018
Added Critically Triangular.
Aaah, the joys of trigonometry!
Also added Word Snake, which doesn't currently have any solutions, because I'm not sure how I could do that!
In addition, I've also rejigged the puzzle selection menu to make it a little bit neater, sectioning off the games into their various categories, and I've also shuffled the How To instructions to be in the same order.

07 October 2018
Added Word Grid.
It's not the best word selection, but at least it works.
I did try making it only use "The most common 3 letter words", but it tended to get stuck whilst trying to generate the puzzles.
I might rejig this game at a later point.

04 October 2018
Spent an insane amount of time reformatting the URL so that I can add the new Words/Maths/Logic shortcut URLs into the mix.
Seems to function well enough, and should allow people to quickly pick their favourite types of puzzles from the site.
Additionally added a very brief set of instructions for the games in the "How To" page.  Hopefully that's enough instructions to get the player going.
As always, let me know if it isn't!

03 October 2018
Nips and tucks.  The site has been moved to a new server, and I've rewritten a bit of the cache code, so it all works a little bit faster.
Added Logic Battleships, which Dabz suggested, right at the very start of this project.  Sorry it took so long!

27 September 2018
A quick tweak to the Word Ladder generation.  It was getting rather silly, and replacing letters with letters it previously used, leading to very repetitive ladders.

26 September 2018
After realising how bloomin' simple yesterday's version of "Solve A,B,C" was, I spent an hour or so trying to find the most convoluted of puzzles.
I think the maths should be fairly complex, now, but am more convinced than ever, that figuring out the solution isn't as mathematically simple as it should be.
Added Move One Digit, which needed a brief explanation.
Currently considering adding a similarly short description to each of the panels.

25 September 2018
Further tweaking to the "Find a Way" maze generator.  Things are hopefully a little more varied, now, and I've also upgraded the solution display.
Added Solve A, B, C. (Thanks to Liam Kelk for suggesting it.)
I'm not 100% convinced that it's do-able, and will have to sit and try to solve a few of the puzzles over the next day or two!!  Quite honestly, my maths brain has melted from all the coding, tonight!!

23 September 2018
A minor update to the way Word Ladder is generated, which has sped the whole thing up by a remarkable amount.  What took about 3 or 4 seconds, yesterday, now takes about 0.2 seconds.
Optimisation is the key!
Technically, instead of checking each and every word in the list, I first ensured the wordlist was properly alphabetised..
Next I jump through the list in groups of 1500 words, until "over", then do a quick sift between the 1500 chunk of words.
This is a standard thing, but something I've avoided due to Wildcard functionality.  eg, If the word you're looking for is "?abbage", how do you know where to stop?
In case I need wildcard functionality in future, I've left the old code available, but even that could do with some neatening around the edges, possibly converting everything to numbers..  Hmm..

19 September 2018
Rewrote a significant portion of "Sudoku" thanks to feedback from @JulieMontoya20.  The puzzles are a lot easier, now, but should at least be doable!
Added Word Ladder.  It's a little bit slow.  Hopefully I can find a way to speed that up.
Note : Due to the way I've rewritten the Random Words code, (so the Word Ladder worked!) Yesterday's Solutions will not work properly for today or tomorrow.

17 September 2018
Finally happy with the "Find a Way" maze generation.
Added Sudoku.

16 September 2018
Added a "Yesterday's Solutions" option.
Updated "Number Target" to remove instances where it would do "n x 1", which resulted in uninteresting maths!
Updated "Crossed" to remove some of the 8-letter word's letters.
Added Find a Way.  I might rejig this in the future, though.  I'm not 100% happy with the difficulty.

15 September 2018
Finally got v1 of the website up and running!  Simple drop down menu items and a puzzle page!

14 September 2018
Switched to using a TTF font, specifically SourceCodePro-Semibold.ttf (Which 1001fonts.com says is free to use.)

13 September 2018
Tweaked Doodle to draw less "squiggly" and more "scrawl-like".
Tweaked Target to be less random, and instead do a bit of maths to set the target, so that all targets are at least possible.

12 September 2018
Added Doodle, Target and Anagram.
Tweaked Crossed to give more common words instead of the bizarre, cryptic 4-letter oddities that it was previously coming up with!

11 September 2018
First code session.
Managed to get Lattice and Crossed to work simply enough.
Decided on name and logo, with a little help from SoCoder user Dabz.

03 September 2018
Initial conception, and first test of printed foldable layout.
Left the idea to ferment for a week!!

Over on my site Socoder.net, we have a daily poll, and each day it gives you something to vote on, then the next day you get points based on whether you voted for the winning item on the poll.
It's been there for many many years, now, and I'm starting to get a little sick of the sight of the bloomin' thing, but what could I possibly replace it with?
The current leading idea is a doodle box, where the players are given a start point and a few colours, and the best art wins.  But that then requires a second day of voting, and everything starts to get a little bit slower.
There's nothing that's sprung to mind that works as immediately as a daily poll does.

But I have had a lot of other little puzzle ideas over the time I've been thinking about this.
Each of the puzzles seems logically playable, but none lend themselves well to being something you can score, like you score the votes of a poll.  You could also, quite easily, cheat at a lot of these kinds of puzzles.

For years, these little logic puzzles have bubbled around in my head, and normally I'd end up making AGameAWeek about each idea, but a lot of the ideas don't really work well on computer at all.
Some need keyboard or mouse input, and yet a lot of my framework relies on the player only having a gamepad in hand.  Or I write them so they work perfectly with a gamepad, and the player's playing on a touchscreen.
There are many many issues with converting some of these ideas into videogames.

Over the past month or so, more and more of these "it only works on paper" ideas have been filling my mind, and this is me trying to put them somewhere functional.
It might not be the world's best set of puzzles, and I'm sure you'll find better puzzles where someone's had the time to actually "compile" them, and set their difficulty levels.

This is simply what happens when a gamedev can't think of anywhere else to output these sorts of ideas!

I hope you enjoy the games.

And, maybe some day, I'll actually replace that poll!